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Hi Friends,
I have some "Crafty Secrets" clear stamp collection....Please take a look..

Mini Stamp Rs/:500 each

Product # ss17
Thinking of You
"Thinking of You" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 4 separate stamps. Adorable is the best way to describe this set designed for greeting cards, stationery and paper arts projects. The little girl has been reconstructed from an antique 'Dolly Dingle' drawing by the original artist of the Campbell Soup Kids and given a new lace tablecloth and matching scallop oval frame. Included are her cute kitty and a little rose stamp to embellish with.

Product # ss16
"Floral Vines" is a small Clear Art Stamp set with the vine design 2-1/2-inch by 3-1/2-inch ATC size and which can be stamped in various ink colors to create background and accent papers. Emboss the stamp for extra texture, or color the vines, leaves and flowers with a fine tip pen or brush.

Product #ss14
Twinkle Stars
"Twinkle Stars" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 9 separate design stamps. The retro style star block across the top is perfect for stamping background paper. There is also a star border, a shooting star, a blessing star, star clusters, retro stars and even a smiling star and a moon face stamp.Try stamping in light or dark inks, embossing powders, coloring in the designs and adding glitter for different effects.

Product # ss12
Ladies Hat Club
Ladies Hat Club" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp with 15 separate stamps. These 4 whimsical ladies with their decorative hats are fun to stamp, color and embellish with 3D 'bling'. Create a sassy birthday card card or invitation to lunch for a girlfriend. If you belong to the Red hat society you can create great cards and keepsakes for your club members. Tag says 'Let's do' with check boxes for Lunch, Shopping and Drinks. Words and phrase stamps include "RED", "Ladies Hat Club", "Original", "Girlfriend", "Hats off to YOU.", "SALE", "Happy Birthday", "How old?

Message on a Bottle
"Message on a Bottle" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 21 separate stamps. The round design on the front of the bottle is separate and comes out so you can fill the bottle with by and O (kisses and hugs), little hearts, stars or 4 leaf clovers. You can stamp the label separate in different colors and add words to create a variety of bottle label themes. Words and phrases include; "Bottle of", "Wishes", "Good Luck", "Blessings", "Memories", "Joy", "Hugs", "Kisses", "Love" and "Potion". The detailed etching on the bottle and ribbon looks fantastic embossed.

Product #ss02
"Journaling" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 6 separate stamps. This little set is perfect for embellishing scrapbook pages, letters and cards, journals and bookmarks. The word 'Journal' is 2 1/2-inch long and the "J" is accented with a reverse background and leaf pattern. The little cherub kneeling and writing in a book with a feather pen is sweet and versatile enough to use on any projects. There is a script block that can be used for stamping borders and backgrounds, plus an ink bottle, leaf and swirl image are included

Product #ss05
Little Chef
Little Chef" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 14 separate fun stamps. There is a little soup girl 1-3/4-inch tall (or could be a boy) holding a "Today's Special" sign, along with an oven mitt, spatula, frying pan, regular and fried egg, egg beater, measuring cup, canister, bowl, whisk and muffin tin. Try stamping the utensil stamps with silver embossing powder, or randomly stamp the oven mitt, bowl and canister and color them red, blue or yellow to create custom background paper. Dress up fun birthday cards, recipe cards, keepsake cookbooks, scrapbook layouts, shopping lists, gift tags and a variety of food packaging and kitchen decor projects.

Product code ss08

Bouquets of Joy

"Bouquets of Joy" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 4 separate stamps. The image of the adorable little girl holding the big bouquet of flowers is from a 1918 book and for size the stamp is 2-3/4-inch high and 2-1/2-inch wide. She looks great simply stamped or try coloring her outfit and flowers with markers, watercolor pens, pencils, oil crayons, chalks, inks, paints, embossing powers and other mediums. The words and sentiments include "Hello", "Thanks a Bunch" and "Wishing You Bouquets of Joy"

Product # ss04
Mini Memories
"Mini Memories" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 19 separate stamps including 7 pretty design elements and borders plus 12 popular words including; "Special", "Remember", "Beautiful", "Imagine", "Memories", "Wishes", "Love", "Hello", "Live", "From", "To" and "Dream". Use the design stamps to embellish projects or create backgrounds with. Stamp the words alone, or pair the various styles of pretty lettering together.

Product # ss09
Little Dancer
"Little Dancer" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 16 separate stamps perfect for creating cards and cute keepsakes for little ballerinas, dancers, skaters and gymnasts. The little girl has a crown, a star wand to hold and a tutu you can stamp and add a little glitter or rhinestone sparkle. You can stamp the little blades under her shoes so she can skate, or add the tiny bow to turn them into ballet slippers. There are stars, a swirl design and words include; "A", "Star", "Gymnast", "Ballerina", "Dancer", "Skater" and quote reads; "Dance in the hidden language of the soul".

Product# ss15
Material Girl
"Material Girl" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 11 separate stamps. The vintage dress form is 2-3/4-inch heigh, and the old sewing machine is 2-inch wide. Also includes scissors, a needle, button, a thread card, 3 decorative flourish designs and words; 'Little Sewing Co., and 'Material Girl'. You can make little embroidery floss cards by stamping the thread card (1-3/4-inch heigh) a few times on cardstock, cut out and wrap them in different colors of floss. Try black or silver embossing powders, or cut out the dress form and stitch on a little piece of lace for a 3D skirt.

Product #ss07
Altered Art
"Altered Art" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 12 separate stamps. Includes an artsy mix with a pair of wings 1-1/2-inch heigh, a little fairy wand, antique letters spelling ART, a cropped face of a little girl, musical notes, a curved arrow, a little bird on a swirl, a parenthesis, a crown and mini sheet music stamp. You can quickly create fun altered cards by cutting up extra photos with babies, children, your cat or girlfriend and add the wings, a wand and crown. With a little glitter or jewels and you will have a special keepsake card.

Chandelier Fun
Chandelier Fun" is a 3-inch by 4-inch small Clear Art Stamp set with 12 separate stamps. You can decorate the chandelier in different themes and pair them up with the cute sentiments including; "You light up a room.", "Let's hang out", "Hang in there" and "Happy Birthday Girlfriend". There's a piece of chain to hang the chandelier and you can decorate it with roses, martini glasses, birthday candles, hearts, cupcakes, or stamp light bulbs in yellow or holiday colors. Perfect for dressing up girlfriend cards and all sorts of projects with a little whimsical glamour .

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